Make Sure That Your Constructions Do Not Cover Your Neighbour Construction

It is not necessary that your house is at a secluded place and surrounded with no neighbours. Most of the time, your house is enclosed on the either sides by the other properties. In such case, if you want to make the modifications or constructions at the party wall, then you should ensure that your neighbour’s property is not damaged or affected in any way. Hence, you are needed to access permission from the concerned authorities in London and inform it to your neighbours for the party wall constructions. It will help you to stay safe from the legal actions against you by the state authorities and your neighbour. To send the proper notice to your neighbour and check if party wall is involved or not in the constructions, you are needed to get the services of the professional London party wall surveyors.

neighbour construction

Services of the party wall surveyor

Party wall surveyors are the licensed experts who inspect your property prior to the party wall constructions and prepare the report for the party wall constructions. This type of report includes whether party wall is included or not, extent of damages caused by the party wall construction, estimate of the damages caused to the neighbour and the method of compensation to the neighbour for the damage. In London, it is important to serve the party wall notice for the excavations and the party wall constructions so that your neighbours also get prepared for the construction. They can keep their things aside and protect from the damages.  In case, the neighbours do not agree with the party wall agreement, party wall surveyor will help in settling the things in the most appropriate manner.

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